The biggest software & hardware hackathon ever in South Eastern Europe

The latest edition of HackTM aims to bring together as many IT enthusiasts as possible, from Timisoara, the Banat region, Romania but also from all over Europe. We put together an awesome environment for you to hack away, complete with mentoring support and a wide open­ floor with well-fitted areas.

All you have to do is bring your amazing ideas, put a team together and get your project going, so you can win some of the cool prizes we have in store for you.


Whether you're hackers or geeks, developers or designers, freelancers or employees, entrepreneurs or students, CoderDojo kids or mentors, HackTM is definitely for you! Any talented and creative individual interested in IT&C can join, so what are you waiting for? Get your ticket today!



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Attend the Opening

It's on Friday. Don't miss it. Bring your best ideas with you, the stage awaits your pitch.


Code, design, don’t sleep, start over. You can sleep when you’re dead. Coffee. More coffee. See Rules


Saturday is for specialized workshops, coding, coffee, networking and more coffee. Did we mention the awesome workshops?


Take a power nap, play a game and keep your sugar levels up by indulging in our treats, snacks and food. Learn more


Keep the judging criteria in mind if you want to take home the grand prize.


We are all winners just for making it to the last day. But we also prepared some awards

How can HackTM increase your life expectancy

Achievement Unlocked!

How many successes can you achieve in 1 weekend? Work on an exciting project, meet some cool, inspiring people to keep in touch with, AND get to take home some kick-ass prizes & swag!

By Your Powers Combined

Working side by side with talented minds has great power to it, so put your excellent ideas together and incorporate them into mind-blowing projects.

Goodies Galore

Access to the event and its perks, unlimited coffee, yummy food and cold beverages - HackTM brings you all the goodies. Let's not forget about the awesome t-shirts & swag you get to keep!

Coffee & Chill

Even geeks need a break sometimes. Have a cup of awesomeness, play some games and chill by the zen area. For an optimal performance in time, please let the system rest for a while.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Add some new ingredients to your already awesome idea batch: like-minded people, an inspiring tech environment, experienced mentors and dedicated coders, and your end result will be even awesomer than before!

Challenge Accepted!

HackTM is the perfect place for you to challenge your tech skills or develop new ones, while being in touch with the latest buzz in the IT world.